Safety & Environment

Safety First: More Than A Slogan

At Logan Industries, nothing will ever take precedence over safety. As our number one priority, safe work practices are rigorously enforced at every level of our operations.

We understand that the cost of an accident goes far beyond affecting productivity or the bottom line. By protecting our employees we also protect their friends, families, coworkers, the environment and the public from the serious consequences of workplace accidents. It is our policy and our everyday goal to proactively maintain the highest standards of health and safety by taking whatever action is necessary to provide and maintain a hazard free workplace.

All employees, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and visitors to a company facility or jobsite are obligated to comply with all relevant legislation and to follow the company’s health and safety policies and procedures. Any party responsible for knowingly violating safety rules will face disciplinary action, dismissal or legal action without exceptions.

We stand uncompromisingly behind our belief that our friends, families, coworkers and the community are owed safe and responsible operations from Logan Industries.

Protecting Our Environment

Logan Industries recognizes that our environment is shared by all members of our community. We understand that true sustainability means acting as good stewards of our natural environment and its resources.

We work constantly to reduce our environmental impacts for the benefit of our communities, our business and our planet. Every effort is made to preserve the environment we operate in, promote energy conservation and minimize waste generation. We continually aim to reduce, reuse and recycle materials whenever possible through ongoing hazardous materials awareness coupled with sustainable work, handling and disposal practices.