About Us

Incorporated in 2009, Logan Industries is the parent company of three diverse businesses servicing a broad range of industries. Logan provides support to each of these divisions in the form of administration, accounting, IT and corporate services with offices located in both Brooks and Calgary.

Each of our unique divisions adds value and provides synergy to the others, enabling us to deliver superior quality within tighter timelines and at a higher level of service. From initial drafts and custom machining to the final fabrication, we are capable of completing your project “in-house” from start to finish.

We are 100% employee owned. From our machinists, technicians, and welders to our salesmen and management 90% of all of our employees are shareholders themselves. When you work with Logan Industries, you tap into a highly motivated workforce that doesn’t need to be asked to go that extra mile. At all levels of our operations, staff are committed to driving value to our shareholders. For us, that means exceeding your expectations and delivering on what we promise. Our goal is that the pride we take in our workmanship will speak for itself.